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In 2013, Symrise achieved sales of approximately € 1.8 billion, making it the fourth-largest company in the global flavor and fragrances market.


It would be a hopeless undertaking to search for the Symrise brand at local supermarkets or drugstores – the company doesn’t market its products directly to end consumers. Instead, you will find products from our over 6,000 customers including manufacturers of foods, beverages, perfumes, cosmetics, personal care products, detergents and cleaners as well as pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements. Although most consumers would not recognize the Symrise brand, practically all of them have products around their homes that contain ingredients ­produced by Symrise.

Overall, Symrise develops, produces and sells approximately 30,000 fragrances and flavors and cosmetic ingredients based on roughly 10,000 mostly natural raw materials, including va­nilla, citrus products or flower and plant materials. The flavors, perfume oils and active ingredients are generally central functional components in our customers’ end products and often play a decisive role in consumers’ purchasing decisions thanks to their effect on the end product’s characteristics – such as its fragrance or taste. In addition, we provide biofunctional and bioactive ingredients and substances as solutions in the health and personal care application areas. A further focus for Symrise is on the development of products with additional benefits. Examples include flavorings that enable the sugar or salt content of foods to be reduced, or a moisturizing cosmetic ingredient that lowers the proportion of preservatives in care products. With these products, our customers can differentiate themselves from competitors with their tailor-made end products in the rapidly changing consumer goods markets.

Our product development is based on extensive research and development, which is supplemented by a wide-reaching external network of research institutes and scientific facilities. Since the preferences for flavors and fragrances can vary greatly from region to region, the comprehensive consumer research carried out in Europe, Asia/Pacific, North America and Latin America represents a central component of our R & D activities. Symrise has development centers notably in Germany, Brazil, China, France, Singapore and the USA. They create the foundation for devel­oping marketable products that are successful over the long term and that meet the various needs of consumers in different parts of the world.

Along with our innovative spirit, our creativity and our reliable supply chain, our customers increasingly appreciate our commitment to sustainability and expect us to deliver it. Together with the pursuit of excellence and added value, with creativity, commitment and integrity, sustainability is firmly anchored in our ­values and our corporate strategy. We know that organizational success and responsibility go hand in hand. That is why we increasingly strive for shared value in our business activity.

The Symrise Group resulted from a merger between the German companies Haarmann & Reimer and Dragoco in 2003. The company thus celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013. Symrise’s roots date back to 1874 and 1919, when the two companies were founded.

In 2013, Symrise achieved sales of approximately € 1.8 billion, making it the fourth-largest company in the global flavor and ­fragrances market. The company sells its products in 160 countries. In 2013, Symrise generated 52 % of sales in industrial countries in Western Europe, North America and parts of Asia. A total of 48 % of our sales were achieved in the emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Eastern ­Europe. Around 6,000 people work in the two business ­divisions at Symrise Group – Scent & Care and Flavor & Nutrition. With sites in 35 countries, we have a local presence in our most important sales markets.


The two divisions are responsible for our operating business. They each have their own research and development, purchasing, production, quality control, marketing and sales departments. Both business divisions are organized into four regions with separate regional managements: Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME), North America, Asia/Pacific, and Latin America. Their activities extend across several business units and application areas. In addition, the Group has a Corporate Center which encompasses the central areas of finance and controlling, corporate communications, investor relations, legal affairs, human resources, corporate compliance, internal au­diting and global process design.

Scent & Care

The Scent & Care division’s product portfolio includes fragrance compositions, cosmetic ingredients, aroma chemicals and mint products sold in roughly 135 countries around the world. Major subsidiaries are located in Brazil, China, Germany, France, Mexico, India, Singapore and the USA. Overall, the division has sites in 33 countries. Scent & Care’s activities are divided into the Fragrances, Life Essentials, Aroma Molecules and Oral Care business units, where our products are used in various application ­areas:

Fragrances: Perfumers combine aromatic raw materials like ­aroma chemicals and essential oils into complex fragrances (perfume oils). Symrise’s perfume oils are used in perfumes (Fine Fragrances application area), in personal care products (Personal Care application area) and household products (Household application area).

Life Essentials: The business unit is divided into the Cosmetic ­Ingredients and UV Protection application areas. The products manufactured in this business unit are used in skin care products, hair care products, sun creams, after-shave balsams, shower gels, wash lotions, shampoos and deodorants. A particular ­focus for the business unit is on products with nurturing properties and alter­native preservatives.

Aroma Molecules: The business unit comprises the Sensates (Menthols), Special Fragrance & Flavor Ingredients and Fine Aroma Chemicals application areas. In the Sensates application area, Symrise manufactures nature-identical menthol, which is primarily used in the manufacture of oral care products, chewing gum and shower gels. Special Fragrance & Flavor Ingredients and Fine Aroma Chemicals encompass aroma chemicals (intermediate products for perfume oils) of particular quality. These aroma chemicals are used for Symrise’s own perfume oil production and are also sold to consumer goods manufacturers, who make perfume oils from them.

Oral Care: Here, Symrise offers the entire product range of mint flavors and their intermediate products for use in toothpastes and other oral care products.

Flavor & Nutrition

The product range for the Flavor & Nutrition division consists of flavors used by our customers to give their food and beverage products their unique taste. Symrise supplies individual flavorings used in end products as well as complete solutions, which, apart from the actual flavor, can contain additional, functional raw materials, food coloring or microencapsulated components. The globally operating Consumer Health application area serves, among others, the growing market for food supplements and pharmaceutical preparations. The business division’s products are sold in 140 countries. The business division has sites in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. It has central offices in Brazil, China, Germany, England, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and the USA. The flavors and ingredients from Symrise are divided into four application areas:

Beverages: Our flavorings and beverage bases are used in non-alcoholic beverages such as refreshment drinks, fruit juice drinks, energy and sports drinks, tea and coffee drinks, mixed milk drinks and functional drinks. Symrise also produces powder­ed flavors for instant beverages such as tea and coffee specialties. The range of offerings also includes flavorings, distillates and extracts for nearly all common types of alcoholic beverages.

Savory: This application area includes meat flavors, herb and vegetable extracts, flavor compositions for soups, sauces and ­instant foods as well as seasonings for snacks. Special Symrise flavorings allow for the reduction of the salt and fat content of foods with no loss of flavor.

Sweet: This application area includes sweets, baked goods, ice cream and dairy products. A focal point relates to products with improved release of flavor and flavor systems with masking properties that conceal the often unpleasant flavor of functional ingredients.

Consumer Health: This application area includes natural, functional ingredients to promote heart and digestive function, flavoring solutions and aromatization for pharmaceutical products as well as natural food colors and coloring foods (specialties).

Symrise Sites 2013

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35 Countries

With Symrise sites in 35 countries, we have a local presence in our most important sales markets. Symrise products are sold in around 160 countries worldwide.