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Strategic Acquisition

In March 2013, Symrise acquired the Belmay Group’s global fragrance business. Both the product and customer portfolio optimally supplement the existing activities of the Scent & Care division. At the same time, we are strengthening our growing presence in North America, which is Belmay’s core market.

Profitable Growth

In 2013, our sales rose by 6 % to over € 1.8 billion – and thus once again grew more quickly than the market. The operating result reached € 373 million and the earnings margin could be expanded to 20.4 %. Our shareholders should be able to partake in this success with an increase of the dividend to € 0.70.

Sustainable Networking

In 2013, Symrise became a member of the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI). The sustainable cultivation and purchasing of spices is a central focus for both Symrise and the SSI. This made membership in the SSI the next logical step for Symrise in its sustainability efforts. Together with customers, suppliers and NGOs, we want to actively cooperate with the SSI, sharing our knowledge while gaining new experience.

Green Company

DQS has certified Symrise as a “Green Company.” The certification confirms the high transparency and accountability of our internal cor­porate processes with regard to products, services and environmental standards.

Pioneer in Responsible Sourcing

Symrise is one of the first fragrance companies in the industry to purchase CENSO-certified lavandin oil. This secures Symrise’s access to a key natural raw material for fragrance creation while promoting the sustainable development of the French lavender and lavandin oil industry.

New Research Center

Work at the new Symrise research center in Holzminden began following the festive opening celebration in April 2013. Symrise has invested € 10 million in the new building. With the new building, the company is promoting the interdisciplinary research dialogue between its two divisions, Scent & Care and Flavor & Nutrition. A special point of emphasis was placed on developing functional ingredients for healthy nutrition and conscious personal care. Per year, the Group spends more than € 100 million on research and development.

Advancement of Women

Symrise volunteered for an assessment of its performance regarding aspects such as women in management positions, internal commitments on promoting women and overall conditions for the advancement of women. The result: With a score of 72 on the Women’s Career Index, we are in the top third of participating companies in Germany. The Women’s Career Index is an initiative of the German Ministry of Family Affairs.

Green Chemistry for the Environment

In order to further expand our research focus on green chemistry, Symrise opened a catalysis laboratory in 2013: Here, we research new catalytic methods for manufacturing aromatic substances and flavors while also optimizing existing methods. In this way, we aim to increasingly develop high-quality products with a reduced environmental impact and take on the upstream stages of production in terms of backward integration. The project is being funded through the NBank via funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Recognized Excellence

Our initiative for sustainable vanilla creates added value for everyone – for the farmers, for us, for our customers and for consumers. This commitment was recognized in 2013: At the Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) trade fair, Symrise received the FIE Excellence Award in the sustainability category.