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About This Report

This 2013 corporate report provides a holistic depiction of Symrise’s performance in 2013 – both from a business perspective as well as from a sustainability standpoint. We have reported on our sustainability activities annually since 2006. The 2013 financial report, which contains the complete consolidated financial statements, the Group management report and all other legally required elements, is provided as a supplement to this corporate report or can be viewed electronically and ordered in print form at The auditor’s report refers solely to the parts of the financial report that are relevant for certification and is only included therein.

The Symrise 2013 corporate report was published simultaneously with the 2013 financial report on March 10, 2014. Both reports are available in German and English. The environmental data contained in the corporate report relates solely to production sites. All other data, unless stated otherwise, relates to the Symrise Group, which consists of the parent company Symrise AG and the companies that it has under its control (subsidiary companies). The publication date of the corporate report for the 2014 fiscal year is March, 2015. Additional information on our company’s activities can be found at