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Performance Calculator


Sales in € million

EBITDA in € million

EBITDA margin in %

Net income in € million

Research and development expenses in € million


Carbon dioxide emissions (Scope 1 and 2) 2, 3 in kg

Direct and indirect energy consumption 2, 3 in GJ

Waste 2, 3 in kg

Water consumption 2, 3 in cbm

Wastewater 2, 3 in cbm


Employees (as of December 31) in FTE4

Fluctuation rate in %

Number of accidents in MAQ5

  1. 2009 including restructuring expenditure
  2. per ton of product
  3. In 2013, we redefined the calculation method for our consumption and emission values: We no longer calculate this data per ton of product sold, but rather per ton of product. The values from the previous years have been adjusted accordingly. The underlying trend remains unchanged.
  4. not including apprentices and trainees; FTE = Full Time Equivalent
  5. MAQ = Number of reportable accidents (> 1 working day) x 1 million/number of working hours